9 Card Tarot Spread Cross

9 Card Tarot Spread Cross. How the situation will be resolved. If you are into the law of attraction, you can pretty much gauge what they are putting out into the universe with this position.

4 Card Cross Tarot Spread Gaihanbos
4 Card Cross Tarot Spread Gaihanbos from

Next shuffle the deck while thinking of the question, topic (or if a general reading) and the querent. The nine card spread may seem a complex, but actually it is not. In this spread, a middle row may consist of three cards showing past, present, and future.

The Nine Card Spread May Seem A Complex, But Actually It Is Not.

The celtic cross spread is the oldest known and without a doubt, the most popular pattern for tarot readings. Lay the cards out in the order described above. Remember that if the number found by the sum of the 4 arcana is less than or equal to 22, the second operation is not necessary.

How The Situation Will Be Resolved.

Ambitions, desires and primal urges? In this spread, a middle row may consist of three cards showing past, present, and future. How to read the celtic cross tarot spread.

It Is Said That The Survival Of This Spread Is Due To The Energy From The Amount Of People Who Use This Particular Spread Daily, And The Decades Of Use Throughout The World.

The cards will answer your question. Now, we have this nine card spread. Some would use the heart card to signify the relationship but seen as this question is just related to the man i’m keen to use the gentleman card as my significator.

The Card Spread In This Particular Case Uses 9 Tarot Cards.

This spread is used to explore your spiritual side. For simplicity, i would read a ‘positive’ card in this position as their hopes and negative cards as their ‘fears’. Hopes and fears the card in the ninth position of the celtic cross tarot spread, just about the eigth card, reveals how the querent.

A Final Card For Advice.

When you’re a working tarot reader, you will eventually find yourself. Then draw two cards from the top of the deck and place these as position one (1). For example, with an emperor (4) + the lovers (6) + justice (8) + the wizard (1) = 19.

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